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Some Things to Consider as Part of Signing Up:

1) Please Review the Volunteer Agreement Before Completing the Sign Up Form!

Please make sure that you have fully read CAIR Coalition’s volunteer agreement as you will be asked to agree to the terms of the agreement and e-sign the agreement below.

2) How to Report Your Language Abilities Correctly as Part of Your Volunteer Sign Up

When you are filling out the signup form below, please note that there are separate fields for Spanish proficiency and for fluency in other languages. If you are not a fluent Spanish-speaker, but do speak enough Spanish to conduct an intake with a Spanish-speaker, or to handle a short phone call in Spanish, please check the box “I speak Spanish proficiently.” Please also select any of the languages you speak fluently (including Spanish) in the drop-down menu labeled “Volunteer languages spoken fluently.”


Once you have submitted the signup form above, you can click here to see upcoming volunteer training opportunities.


To learn more about each of our primary volunteer opportunities, click on one of the circles below.

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Your Volunteer Info

If you have already signed up to volunteer with CAIR Coalition, you can use this page to request a personalized link to your volunteer information. If your information is found in our database, you will be emailed a link that will allow you to update your contact information, view your volunteer history, and add or cancel sign-ups for upcoming volunteer opportunities.